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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

Run beautiful challenge groups that will inspire and motivate your clients to reach their goals. 

Save hours creating content. 

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Our graphics are fun but even more than that the daily posts are amazing!

Mindset, workouts, food, and more. We have it covered for you!

Each week give your clients recipes to keep things exciting!

We provide weekly recipe books to help bring variety to your client's life. Meal Plans and Shopping lists all available along with dietary specifications.

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All The Tools You Need To Help You

Give your client a Welcome Packet to help them track their progress. Use our templates that are easily edited in Canva to welcome new clients along with shouting out the ones doing amazing for the week. 

Wait! There's More!

We've thrown in all the extras.

Fun stories each month to share with your customers. This is the easiest way to advertise AND build up your algorithm... Plus, it's just fun!

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And we have more!

We have invitation posts written out for you to help you leave breadcrumbs to build interest and then invite. Shout-Out Boards and Leaderboards to recognize those challengers who are killing it. A Newsletter packed with information to give your customers all they need to know about the upcoming 'Theme of the Month'. Promo Posts to share on your stories...and MORE!!!

Group guide

$35.00 USD

You Save $268

  • Prep Week $15.00
  • Themed Group Guide $40.00 
    - Daily Graphics and Posts
  • Cover Photos (included)
  • Check-Ins $10.00
  • Newsletter $17.00
  • Invitation Posts $15.00
  • IG Story Promos $13.00
  • Shout Out Boards (Canva) $25.00
  • Weekly Recipes $25.00
  • Challenger Stories $13.00
  • Bonus Week $15.00
  • Welcome Packet $20.00
  • New Client Bootcamp $35.00
  • Theme for Bootcamp $7.00
  • Google Forms $15.00
  • NEW Blanks/ Stock Photos $18.00
  • NEW Instagram Stickers $5.00
  • NEW Posting Check-off Sheet 
  • NEW Posting Calendar Canva) $15.00



Everything Included for a low-low price!


We are shutting down this website and moving!

Keep things fresh and exciting for your customers. We offer amazing themes to help with personal development growth as well as health and fitness. Some examples of our monthly themes are Affirmations, Self-Care, Facing your Fears, Goal Setting, and more. Check out the link below to grab your content today!

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Purchase our Upcoming March group above or Visit our Sister Store to see our other Group Guides.

We have compiled all our old themes in our 'Coach Product's Store' and are adding to it continuously. 

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Mary-Ashley Miville

It has saved me COUNTLESS hours of time! And my group loves the themes. I can schedule the posts in my pockets of time which are hard to come by with remote learning for 3 kids and 2 more kids under 2 years old! Seriously it has helped me grow my customer base and my team more in the last 2 months than I've been able to do all year. The best investment I have ever made in my business in the nearly 7 years I've been a coach.

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Jessica Richards

Your challenge group guides are a million times easier to use than the other ones out there. When I copy and paste it everything just works. With the others, I had to edit everything. They don't skip lines and for some weird reason, they end halfway through sentences and then jump down to the next line. So whatever you guys do that make it so easy to copy, paste, and have it looking so pretty - keep it up!