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Welcome to Virtual Success Partners! 

A little back story to Sam and I. We met back in October of 2015 on a Zoom Call of all places. We hit it off instantly. She has the same fun, witty kind of humor as my grandmother. We worked together as coaches leading a challenge group and became friends. From that point on we teamed up as Success Partners and have been working together ever since.

There are so many similarities with the two of us. We have always worked so well together but we are an odd pair. There are 17 years between us. She is actually only 2 years older than my oldest son. But I believe this is where the magic is. Together we bring such a variety to our groups. We opened a forever group as coaches and would you believe that thing is STILL GOING!? It has been 4 1/2 years of people who started with us as customers and they still stay engaged showing up with sweaty selfies and rocking their shakes! 

Even though we love our group and plan to still stay active in it, we both knew our calling was in creating content. We are both teachers. We both love to do the behind the scenes stuff to get our classes ready. Yup, we are closet laminating nerds. 

So we decided to venture out and create content for other coaches! We decided that since our strengths showed up when we teamed up as Success Partners working behind the scenes that we would partner together again, and partner with you. 

We look forward to working with you on your journey. I hope that we are able to bless your business and help you grow by taking some of the burdens off of you. 

Thanks for joining us!


Here is a little more about us individually: 

Hello! My name is Lisa. I am a wife, mom of 4 (9 to 24), artist, DIYer, outdoor lover, wanna be woodworker, who also has a deep love for PDFs and making graphic designs. 

I set out to get fit, found Beachbody, and it changed my life. I became a coach and found that my strong point was all the behind the scenes work. I nerd out on making websites, creating content, and playing with photos. I decided to go with what I love and turn this passion into a business. 

I, like you, am dedicated to building a life of freedom for my family. I homeschool my two youngest girls and working from home has blessed my life tremendously. I love staying home and seeing them grow. It is something I longed for for many years as my older boys were growing up. 

I also love being an entrepreneur! I can hear my inner Rachel Hollis voice screaming out right here. I love owning my own business. I love helping provide for my family. And I love that my kids all get to see me work and accomplish something in my life. 

I want them to know we can do anything we put our minds to! 










HI! I'm Sam! Congratulations on making it this far on our about us page. If you know Lisa at all you know that she NEVER shuts up so either you have the patience of a saint or you just skipped her bio altogether! I'm just teasing, Lisa is amazing and I am so excited to be partnering up with her AGAIN! As she has mentioned above, we have been working together for a few years and we just can't seem to get enough of each other. She has been there for me through business ups and downs as well as personal ups and downs and now we can be here for YOU!

I am a Lower Elementary Montessori Guide (1st through 3rd grade teacher) at a Montessori school in North Carolina. I have a 5 (FIVE AND A HALF if you ask her) year old daughter who keeps me running around like a crazy person.

I have a lot of creative and crafty hobbies like crocheting, scrapbooking, and I enjoy doing projects with my cricut! I've recently found a knack for making those adorable scrabble tile wall decorations, they're just too cute!

I became a Beachbody coach when my tiny love was about 9 months old because I needed purpose in my life and I wanted to feel good in my own skin. I got both of those things and SO MUCH MORE from my coaching experience and I will be forever thankful for everything that coaching has provided for me and my family.

When I dove into coaching I really fell in love with the creative side of things. I loved inspiring others through words and cute graphics. I often got sucked into making challenge groups instead of some of the other business building activities. Lisa and I have flirted with ideas like the ones you see on this site and now the time is right for us to bring you all of our amazing content that we've worked so hard to create!

So much love for you,


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