The Beginning of Our Adventure - By Lisa Scott

business Jan 31, 2020


Words can not describe how amazing this feels. This has been a dream for such a long while and to finally get it all moving forward is so exciting. 

The dream? It is finding something both Sam and I feel really passionate about and creating a business doing it. It is being able to create a way to stay home with our kids. It is being able to gain some control of our finances and not be at the whim of someone else.

To give you a back story on my side of things, I have worked as an office manager for a wonderful company for 15 years now. But they are truly having a hard time and it seems that we are about to shut our doors.

In the middle of all the chaos, I found myself desperate and trying to think what is it I can do? I started venturing out and thinking I could just do what I do at work online and I picked up some Virtual Assistant jobs for some Beachbody Coaches. It seemed easy enough. I had been a coach for a while, I knew all the ins and outs of the business. And the one thing I was really good at was all the behind the scenes stuff. 

But as I was doing this, I started to think bigger. And through a lot of begging.... yes... hardcore BEGGING to God to just show me what in the heck I could possibly be able to do, the thought came to me to do what I love and sell it.... on Etsy. ha ha ha If you didn't read my About Me section I am in love with creating PDFs and playing with Graphic Designs. (wink)

As I daydreamed about it, I began to think bigger. And I started to think about all the adventures I have had building websites and creating blogs for myself and other people and I thought I wanted my own space.

Then I reached out to my success partner who I knew would be amazing! We have worked together on so many projects. We collaborated and decided to partner up. Then we created Virtual Success Partners.

Now the gears are moving, we are hustling at this point to be four months ahead to ensure we never miss a date of release and are getting all our ducks in a row in order to launch.  

It has been endless hours worked, tons of conversations, sticky notes on top of sticky notes all over my dry erase board, and just good old fashion hustle! 

And girl.... it feels amazing! You ever have that fire in you about something you just know is going to be amazing? This is where I am at. And I just wanted to jump on this blog and start it off by talking about exactly where we are at so along the way our journey can be celebrated. 

Our journey of building our dreams right along you building yours!




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