The Beginning of Our Adventure - By Lisa Scott

business Jan 31, 2020


Words can not describe how amazing this feels. This has been a dream for such a long while and to finally get it all moving forward is so exciting. 

The dream? It is finding something both Sam and I feel really passionate about and creating a business doing it. It is being able to create a way to stay home with our kids. It is being able to gain some control of our finances and not be at the whim of someone else.

To give you a back story on my side of things, I have worked as an office manager for a wonderful company for 15 years now. But they are truly having a hard time and it seems that we are about to shut our doors.

In the middle of all the chaos, I found myself desperate and trying to think what is it I can do? I started venturing out and thinking I could just do what I do at work online and I picked up some Virtual Assistant jobs for some Beachbody Coaches. It seemed easy enough. I had been a coach for a while, I knew all the ins and outs of the...

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